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Easton, Pa, November 16, 2015— Last weekend, the Center for Holocaust Education, a non-profit or- ganization local to Easton, held its second annual Holocaust Education and Communication Conference. This weekend-long conference allowed the CHE’s summer fellows to present their research on communication about the Holocaust to the community.

Nearly 20 fellows talked about their interests in communicating about the Holocaust, providing Easton locals with new perspectives on a rarely discussed topic. Dawn Elias, a history teacher at Easton Area High School, noted the inspiring research projects the fellows examined over the course of their summer internships. “I was so impressed with the devotion of these young adults to their research projects. They wanted to conduct the research, but they also wanted to show us that we could make a change for the future and never again allow mass tragedy to occur. I hope these fellows continue to succeed,” said Elias.

The Holocaust Education and Communication Conference began last year when one of CHE’s board members, Janell Nieder, thought the hard-working summer fellows deserved recognition for their accomplish- ments. She wanted to provide them with a forum to discuss their research findings and the opportunity to engage with an interested audience. The creation of this conference has helped Nieder recruit some of CHE’s most in- spiring fellows. “These students work so hard for a truly meaningful cause and scholarly engagement. They want to promote a future that is safe for all through effective communication and deserve this opportunity to show the community that their dreams can become realities,” she said.

Only $50.00 per ticket, the conference was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discuss both relevant and his- torical issues in the town of Easton. The all-inclusive ticket price included accommodations at the Easton Hotel, meals and programs, making the weekend a fun and affordable learning opportunity. In fact, all conference pro- ceeds were given directly to local charities in Easton.

The Holocaust Education and Communication Conference proved to be a major success this year, with a surprisingly high number of attendees that surpassed last year’s total. As 155 people engaged in historical conversation at the Easton Hotel, it became apparent to Nina Boscia, director of the CHE, that a continuation of the event would be particularly beneficial to the overall success of the organization. Excited to discuss the major influences this conference will have on future scholarship, she noted, “we spent a lot of time planning for this conference, and it’s obvious through our numbers that the work paid off. I can’t wait to see what new topics and themes appear in future conferences that will impact the CHE’s work.” Boscia explained that one of the most rewarding aspects of the conference is the ability of the organization to bring such a fresh cultural experience to a small town. She expects that the local community will seek out opportunities for hosting similar events in the future.

The Center for Holocaust Education is a nonprofit organization located in Easton, Pennsylvania that promotes learning and teaching about the Holocaust and genocide. Please visit for more information.