Fragrances on your face?

Though it might be tempting to dab some of that sweet-smelling body lotion on your face after applying it to your arms and legs, be cautious when using any fragrance lotions or creams on more sensitive areas! Lotions designed for the body can irritate our faces because they normally include oils, fragrances, pigments, or metals/minerals that could have adverse effects on sensitive skin areas. While our arms and legs aren’t as susceptible to the potentially harmful effects of fragrance lotions, our faces have naturally thinner skin textures. Facial skin, typically filled with more sebaceous glands than the skin elsewhere on our bodies, make the area much more sensitive. Though these lotions are normally dermatologist-tested, they pass safety precautions for our bodies, not our faces. Using lotions designed for our bodies may cause breakouts, rashes, or irritations on our faces, so steer clear!

Happy skincaring, and remember to only use moisturizers on your face designated for sensitive skin!