Caring for your skin + why it matters

Why SkinCARE?

No one likes acne, but caring for your skin actually entails much more than just covering up a few pimples! Why should we care for our skin? Below, I outline a few reasons:

1. Protection: Our skin is the LARGEST organ in our bodies! It’s really versatile and does many things. Covering our entire body, the skin actually supports bone structure, protects muscles and organs, provides fluidity while we move, and releases harmful toxins. Without its health, the skin can’t help and protect us.

2. Acute and chronic illness prevention: Not caring for our skin can actually lead to both short and long-term illnesses, diseases and discomforts. Painful sunburns, acne, pockmarks (scars left behind from acne), and wrinkles can result from neglecting and not caring for our skin. More seriously, things like skin cancer, scars, burns, and sun damage can have lasting and harmful effects on our overall health. Taking certain precautions, such as wearing sunscreen, can increase our chances of staying healthy.

3. Environmental exposure: Regardless of our age or situation, we are exposed to the elements every single day! Harsh winds, dry air, humidity, pollutants, and excessive heat can all affect our skin in differing and negative ways. By having a daily regimen, we can help ourselves conquer the detrimental effects the elements have on our skin.

4. Aging: Especially for some of us millennial girls, aging seems like the furthest problem away! However, if we start thinking about how to protect and care for our skin correctly now, we can still have glowing, radiant skin when we’re older! As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity due to a slower production of cells and collagen. As the existing cells break down quite rapidly, dead skin cells accumulate and can leave the skin feeling bumpy, rough, or blotchy. Starting a daily regimen now allows us to get into healthy skincare habits for the rest of our lives.

5. Appearances: I specifically added this reason last because caring for our skin is important for much more than simply how we look! However, so many of us want to feel more confident in our appearance. That being said, looking great comes from taking care of our skin! We all want our skin to look ‘young’ and ‘radiant.’ We see anti-aging products everywhere, and women constantly try to make themselves look younger. In order to keep our skin looking bright and fresh, we can use exfoliating and moisturizing products without harsh chemicals.

Now that you have a few good reasons to take care of your skin, I hope you consider starting a daily care regimen!

Happy skincaring!