A Decrease in Teen Pregnancy and Abortion: Access Influences Positive Results

A new study reveals news that the nation’s teen abortion rate has reached its lowest level since the legalization of the procedure. The Guttmacher Institute, the leading research and policy organization in the reproductive health field, reported this analysis earlier this week.

Not surprisingly, the occurrence of teen pregnancies has also decreased dramatically– with the rate dropping to its lowest level in more than thirty years as of 2011. According to the report produced by the Institute, these significant and historic declines are likely influenced by an increased use of contraception.

With rates dropping so drastically, it is important to recognize the essential factors driving these changes in reproductive health. More access to education and safe, effective birth control has led teens to take personal responsibility and control of their own decisions. Learning about options that are legal and have proven success rates encourage teens to engage in family planning initiatives, thus decreasing the rate of unintended pregnancy and abortion.

The report noted that “there is evidence that contraceptive practices have improved among older teens.” Increased availability to learning about contraception methods has clearly influenced its usage rate– a positive fact among many disheartening laws that attempt to prevent personal liberty and choice. Republican Majority for Choice is proud to propose and support policies that can be appreciated by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle– ones that lower the rate of unintended pregnancies and abortions.